Call for Papers – Special issue of Frontiers in Psychology – Frontiers in Language Assessment and Testing

Call for Papers – Special issue of Frontiers in Psychology – Frontiers
in Language Assessment and Testing

Frontiers in Language Assessment and Testing
Submission Deadlines
17 July 2019 Abstract
18 December 2019 Manuscript
Topic Editors

Vahid Aryadoust
National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University

Thomas Eckes
Ruhr University Bochum
Bochum, Germany

Yo In’nami
Chuo University
Hachioji, Japan

Language assessment specialty has grown in sophistication and scope in
the past four decades. The hallmark of the new era in the field is the
development of new theoretical constructs along with novel approaches
to assessment, the application of modern technologies, and the
emergence of interdisciplinary research in the field.
The significance of interdisciplinary approaches to assess writing and
speaking via computer-mediated methods and integrative language skills
has been recognized and ongoing research is addressing socio-cognitive
demands concerning the different uses of language. In addition, the
validity of the use and interpretation of test scores in assessments
is still one of the central issues in language assessment. There has
been an unprecedented demand for innovation in validation methods.

This Research Topic stands as a response to these needs:

It aims to provide a comprehensive review of the contemporary trends
in language assessment and suggest novel approaches for the future
development of the field. It will further include empirical studies
addressing one of the main topics of interest as follows:

1. Assessing reading and listening comprehension skills
2. Assessing speaking and writing skills
3. Assessing integrative language skills
4. Assessing language for specific or academic purposes
5. Assessing language interpretation and/or translation skills
6. Assessing sign languages
7. Application of modern technologies (e.g., neuroimaging and eye
tracking) and computer-mediated assessment methods
8. Application of quantitative methods including, but not limited to,
item response theory, multivariate techniques, and Rasch measurement
9. In-class assessments
10. Rater effects in performance assessment
11. Validity and validation
12. Further topics related to language assessment

Interested authors are invited to submit an abstract of their work
(150 – 200 words) by 17 July 2019 via the following website:
Multiple article types are expected to be included in this collection.

Keywords: Assessing comprehension, Verbal production assessment,
Quantitative methods, Interpretation assessment, Assessing Integrative
Language skills
Important Note: All contributions to this Research Topic must be
within the scope of the section and journal to which they are
submitted, as defined in their mission statements. Frontiers reserves
the right to guide an out-of-scope manuscript to a more suitable
section or journal at any stage of peer review.



第49回JLTA研究例会 Rによる成績データ分析入門ワークショップ



【日時】 2019年7月20日(土)13時00分~16時25分


【場所】 中央大学後楽園キャンパス6号館4階6401教室







【講師】小林雄一郎 (日本大学)



開会行事:13:00~13:05 開会の辞 齋藤英敏(茨城大学、JLTA副会長)


閉会行事:16:20~16:25 閉会の辞 片桐一彦(専修大学、JLTA事務局次長)



【参加費】 会員および学生は無料。それ以外の方は500円


【申込み】 参加を希望される方は、7月13日(土)までに下記の問い合わせフォームにてご連絡ください。




【問合せ】 印南洋(中央大学)


オンライン投稿審査システムを使った投稿開始/Submission using the Online Submission and Review System

日本言語テスト学会 オンライン投稿審査システムを使った投稿開始について(お知らせ)
Now we can submit our manuscript using the Online Submission and Review System


投稿期間:2019 年 5 月 26 日(日)~ 6 月 2 日(日) 23:59
日本言語テスト学会誌 編集事務局(問い合わせ先) jlta



We are please to announce that we can use the Online Submission and Review System to submit our manuscript.

Submission period in 2019: May 26 (Sunday) to June 2 (Sunday), 23:59

Contact information of the JLTA editing office:

We look forward to receiving your submission.



JLTA 2019全国研究大会のワークショップ/JLTA 2019 Workshop Information



講 師 草薙 邦広(広島大学)

司 会 平井  明代(筑波大学)

日時:        2019年9月11日(水)11時00分~12時30分、13時30分~15時00分(昼食をはさむ)

場所:        新潟青陵大学(4号館、4108PCL教室)

参加費:     1,000円

定員:        30名(申し込み順)

参加申し込み期間:          7月1日(月)~9月4日(水) [先着30名になり次第締め切り]



JLTA 2019 Workshop Information

Title: Bayesian Statistics and its Application to Foreign Language Teaching Research    (Conducted in Japanese)

Lecturer: Kunihiro KUSANAGI (Hiroshima University)

Chair: Akiyo HIRAI (University of Tsukuba)

  • Date: September 11, 2019 (Wednesday), 11:00-12:30, 13:30-15:00 (with a 60-minute lunch break)
  • Venue: Niigata Seiryo University (Building #4, 4108PCL)
  • Registration Period: July 1st (Mon.) – September 4th (Wed.)(The registration will be closed after the number of participants reach the limit.)

See the PDF file for details.



JLTA第22回全国研究大会のご案内と発表者募集/JLTA 2019: Call for Papers



詳細PDF (2019年4月30日更新)




The 22nd Japan Language Testing Association Annual Conference (JLTA 2019): Call for Papers

The Japan Language Testing Association (JLTA) invites presentation proposals for its annual conference. We look forward to receiving your proposals related to the conference theme, and to language testing and assessment in general.

See the PDF file for details. (Updated on April 30, 2019)

Presenters MUST BE JLTA members or JALT TEVAL SIG members.



2019年度JLTA全国研究大会 日程変更のお知らせ 9月11日、12日/2019 Annual Conference on September 11 and 12, Please note that the dates have been changed.

2019年度全国研究大会について 日程変更のお知らせ



Regarding the 2019 Annual Conference

The 2019 Annual Conference is scheduled to take place in September 11 (Wednesday) and 12 (Thursday) and 13 (Friday), 2019, at Niigata Seiryo University in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture.


オンライン投稿審査システムの導入、Introduction of the Online Submission and Review System

日本言語テスト学会 オンライン投稿審査システムの導入について(お知らせ)
Introduction of the Online Submission and Review System


詳細は、日本言語テスト学会 オンライン投稿審査システムの導入について(お知らせ)

We are pleased to announce that JLTA is going to introduce an “Online Submission and Review System” from the 2019 academic year. This system is organized by the International Academic Publishing Co., Ltd., which JLTA has commissioned part of JLTA’s administrative work since 2014. Within this system, all submission and review processes will be recorded online. Furthermore, to improve the JLTA Journal’s quality, submitted manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism using a database of published articles and for anonymity using human resources. The newly introduced system is similar to what international journals employ but may not be common to journals published in Japan. Thank you in advance for your understanding of the new online system.

See for details Introduction of the Online Submission and Review System.


執筆要項 Journal Guidelines (Updated on March 15, 2019)
前の執筆要項との違いが分かるファイルはこちら (see this file for differences from the previous guidelines).

ジャーナル・テンプレート Journal Template (日本語版 English version


JLTAシニア会員の設立 / Introduction of JLTA senior membership


会員種別 年会費
一般会員 8,000円
学生会員 5,000円
シニア会員 5,000円(2019年4月より)
賛助会員 50,000円(一口)



We are pleased to announce that JLTA is going to introduce “senior membership” from the 2019 academic year.

Membership Fees (yearly)
Regular membership : 8,000 yen
Student membership: 5,000 yen
Senior membership : 5,000 yen (from April 2019)
Institutional members (per unit): 50,000 yen

国際言語テスト学会 実施ガイドライン 日本言語テスト学会訳 を公開