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What is JLTA?

The Japan Language Testing Association (JLTA) is a professional organization for everyone interested in language testing and assessment in Japan. That means the JLTA is for language teachers of all languages and at all levels, as well as test administrators, school administrators, researchers, and those who are interested in the way we assess languages, both at the individual and institution levels. You will find members at all levels of language assessment ready and willing to share their experience and ready to listen to your experiences.

The JLTA tries to promote good testing and assessment practices. You will find guidelines for assessment practice, reflecting international standards, such as the International Language Testing Association (ILTA) and Japan Association for Research on Testing (JART).

What does JLTA do?

Every year, the JLTA holds a national conference and invites international guest speakers. The conference is a chance for members from all regions and levels to get together and exchange ideas. In addition, you will find a list of JLTA research meetings and other testing- and assessment-related activities and events here.
We also publish a journal. We welcome submissions for JLTA Journal regarding testing and assessment. Look at our Journal Guidelines for details. There are also additional publications for those interested in testing, such as:
JLTA Newsletters
The JLTA Bilingual List of Language Testing Terms and the JLTA Code of Good Testing Practice.

Our online tutorials are currently provided in Japanese. They will be expanded to have an English version in the near future.

Finally, you can find the JLTA Language Testing Bibliography here, containing lists of resources for different kinds of assessment and testing.

We look forward to hearing from you!