JLTA Journal

JLTA Journal is inviting various types of contributions that include studies related to evaluation in a broader sense, such as classroom-based practice and program assessment that deal with issues and topics on testing and assessment. The submission deadline is April 30 every year.

Past issues are available from Japanese page.

Guidelines for Contributors to the JLTA Journal

1. Contributors, including all co-authors, must be members of the association.

2. Contributors should follow the following regulations regarding the copyright.
(1) The copyright on all the articles in the JLTA Journal belongs to the JLTA. The
copyright includes the right to distribute the articles online.
(2) The JLTA always allows authors or their affiliated institutions to use their
articles for academic and educational purposes. They do not need to ask the JLTA
for such permission, but need to include details about the article in the references
(i.e., journal title, volume number, page number, year of publication). Academic
and educational uses include reprinting the articles in various productions, and
distributing them online and in the paper format.
(3) When authors or their affiliated institutions distribute their papers online, they
should provide the link on the CiNii database, where all the papers in the JLTA
Journal are uploaded. This does not apply to cases where the final versions of the
articles are uploaded.

3. All articles should be written using a word processor, horizontally, and on A4 size
white paper. Contributors need to indicate their address at which they can be
contacted during the submission and vetting process. Both the digital Word file
and PDF file should be sent to the JLTA Office as an e-mail attachment (The PDF
file will be used to check that charts and tables appear properly in the Word

4. The top page should include the title of the article and the name and affiliation of
the author. The name in English should be given in the order of the first name
and surname (e.g., Taro YAMADA).

5. All submissions must contain an approximately 300 word abstract written in

6. Prior to submission, articles and abstracts written in a language of which the author
is not a native speaker should be proofread by a native speaker of the language of
the submission.

7. Leave a 3-centimeter margin on all four sides of each page. Japanese manuscripts
should have 40 characters on one line with 40 lines on one page. The article must
fit within 20 pages including the main text, notes, references, tables, and charts.
Notes should be included at the end of the text before references. Tables and
charts should be numbered serially. Do not use the word processor’s pagination

8. The format of the references must follow the reference style of the American
Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American
Psychological Association (6th ed.).

9. The acceptance of an article will be decided after careful vetting by the Journal
Committee based on the scores given by two reviewers. An article which is judged
as “minor revisions required” will be published after confirming the revisions
being made. An article which is judged as “major revisions required” will be
published in the following year after confirming proper revisions being made.
Upon acceptance and publication, contributors must pay a publishing fee (5,000
yen per article). The article will be printed in B5 size. Submissions will not be
returned to contributors.

10. Contributors will receive 20 complementary copies of the offprint of their paper.
Additional offprints (1 copy or more) may be ordered from the Secretariat, but
these are at the author’s expense.

11. The deadline for submissions is April 30 every year; articles must reach the
Secretariat by this date.

12. Articles should be submitted to the Secretariat at the following e-mail address.

The Secretariat, Japan Language Testing Association (JLTA)
Juntendo University
Sakura Campus, 1-1 Hiraka gakuendai, Inzai, Chiba 270-1695, Japan
Rie Koizumi’s office (Write this office name to make sure.)
TEL: +81-476-98-1001 (main switch number)
FAX: +81-476-98-1011 (main switch number)
e-mail: rie-koizumi@mwa.biglobe.ne.jp