Membership Registration and Payment

1. New members

If you are joining JLTA for the first time, follow the links here (Regular/Student, Senior, Institutional member), and fill out “The Japan Language Testing Association Online Registration.” After completing the form, and clicking “Next page”:

・You will automatically receive an e-mail notification upon completion of the JLTA registration process.
・Shortly after, you will receive an invoice by postal mail. Use the enclosed payment slip to make a payment.
・After confirmation of your payment, you are registered as a JLTA member and we will send you a journal and other documents.

2. Membership Fees (yearly)
Regular membership : 8,000 yen
Student membership: 5,000 yen
Senior membership : 5,000 yen (from April 2019)
Institutional members (per unit): 50,000 yen

See the documents below for senior membership.
JLTA Guidelines for the Senior Membership

Note: There is a one-time fee of 1,000 yen for joining the association.

Student members are those who are enrolled in an institution of higher education. All students, either part-time or full-time, are eligible.
Please upload documentation to prove student status (e.g., a copy of student ID card) when registering online. Student status will
expire as shown on the documentation provided by member. Those who lose their student status automatically become ordinary members.

3. Payment of membership
The JLTA administration office sends members a notice and payment slip annually, at the beginning of June.
Payment can be made using the payment slip or by direct transfer to JLTA’s bank account (see below).
For direct bank transfer, please use a personal account in the name of the member.

Bank details

When you use a payment slip:
When you making a direct transfer to JLTA’s bank account:
銀行名:ゆうちょ銀行 (Japan Post Bank)
金融機関コード (bank code):9900
店番 (branch code):019
預金種目 (deposit type):当座 (current account)
店名:〇一九 店(ゼロイチキユウ店)
口座番号 (account number):0764781
口座名義 (account holder):Japan Language Testing Association

Use the deposit receipt as the bill-payment receipt. If you need a formal receipt or if you have any other queries, please contact us via any of the following:

■住所(Address):〒162-0801 東京都新宿区山吹町358-5 アカデミーセンター
Academy Center, 358-5 Yamabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0801 Japan

■ファクス (FAX):03-3368-2822 (+81-3-3368-2822 from abroad)


日本言語テスト学会 会員専用ページ (マイページ) JLTA members’ page

After we receive your registration information, we will send a confirmation message to the e-mail address you entered in your application.
Use your membership number and password on the Members’ page for:

・Payment – You can check the current status of your membership dues payment.

・Confirming and modifying registered information – The membership information displayed on the site is based on the JLTA administration office database.
You can check content and make any necessary modifications on the members’ page. If you modify any information, we will send a confirmation message
to your registered e-mail address.

・Changing your password – The JLTA administration office generates a random password for your first login. We recommend changing your password afterwards.