JLTA第23回【遠隔】全国研究大会のご案内と表者募集/[Online] JLTA 2020: Call for Papers



Call for Papers

発表者の資格:JLTA会員, JALT TEVAL会員
※未会員の場合、発表審査通過後、2週間以内にJLTA入会手続きをすること (https://www.bunken.org/jlta/member/Registration/)。共同研究者も含めた全発表者に適用する。

The 23rd Japan Language Testing Association [Online] Annual Conference (JLTA 2020): Call for Papers

The Japan Language Testing Association (JLTA) invites presentation proposals for its annual conference. We look forward to receiving your proposals related to the conference theme, and to language testing and assessment in general.

Date: Saturday, December 12, 2020
Conference theme: Language Testing: Past, Present and Future
Submission Deadline: October 15, 2020
See the PDF file for details: Call for Papers

Eligibility: Presenters MUST BE JLTA members. If you are currently a non-member, please join JLTA within two weeks from the notification of acceptance at https://iap-jp.org/jlta/admission/Registration/  This rule applies to all the co-authors.

JALT TEVAL SIG members are also eligible to be a presenter. (This information added on September 8, 2020)

第23回JLTA全国研究大会の開催予定日について/ Schedule of the JLTA 23rd Annual Conference


近日中にCall for paperの案内を改めてお送りいたしますので、情報の更新をお待ちいただければ幸いです。


The 23rd JLTA annual conference is scheduled on December 12th using online meeting system.

I will announce further information such as call for paper as earlier as possible. Please wait for the information to be updated.

Call for Papers for the JLTA Journal Volume 23

本日よりJLTA Journal volume 23の投稿が可能となりました。




投稿期間は47日~57日となります。問い合わせ先は学会誌編集事務局 (jlta-edit@bunken.co.jp) となります。



Now, we call for papers for the JLTA Journal volume 23.

Please visit the link to learn all about the journal guideline and template, and submit your manuscript to another link.

Submission procedures/ Journal guidelines: http://jlta2016.sakura.ne.jp/?page_id=62

Online Submission and Review System: https://iap-jp.org/jlta/journal/login

Submission period: April 7 to May 7

Contact information of the JLTA editing office: jlta-edit@bunken.co.jp


We look forward to receiving your submission.

第23回JLTA全国研究大会の開催時期について/ Postponement of the JLTA 23rd Annual Conference



The 23rd Annual Conference was scheduled to take place on September 5 and 6, but it has been postponed because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. We plan to hold the annual conference after December, and we will update the information soon after we make a decision.





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